A one day branding workshop and mastermind experience for

creative female entrepreneurs to connect, grow and be inspired.

A one-of-kind experience that’s like nothing you’ve ever attended!

hosted by Timeesha Duncan

August 1, 2015 |  Atlanta, Georgia


“The experience and support from the speakers and the group was priceless!! I was hesitant about the information that I was going to receive about my ideas. I wasn’t sure if my ideas for my biz were able to be “coached” because it’s so niched.  I LOVE the mastermind portion. Everyone was so open to sharing. The size of the group was amazing and made me feel safe to share.  I learned more about creating my ideal client, how to get to him and how to track my website and create my community.  Overall it was a great experience and very resourceful. The setting and size of the group was the best. The group put more fire in me to keep going and do what I love.”

Ashley Miller, Event Planner , The Blush Event Company

We want you to leave this event empowered which is why every single detail is carefully prepared from the napkins to the florals in order to create a space that is beautifully decorated and inspires your creative juices to flow endlessly.

TBE is limited to only 24 available seats in order to create an intimate environment that allows everyone to feel safe, connect with each other and most of all be heard. It is a collaboration of Bombshell Businesswomen who desire to be surrounded by like-minded individuals with the same passion and drive and want to learn the best strategies on how to succeed is today’s challenging market.

It has been said that TBE is life changing.  You will definitely leave with a breakthrough in your business. You will also leave with new fresh ideas to implement, and a budding list of new friends that you will collaborate and connect with to grow your business to new heights.

“My initial fear was that I would not leave with anything that I could put into action immediately. That fear was eradicated because I left with several things that can affect my business positively both now and in the future.  The intimacy was key for me. It helped me feel more welcomed and willing to open up about my business the way you need to for honest feedback and growth.  

You will regret missing the Bombshell Experience. It will definitely give you the push you need to keep going and to experience success on new levels!  It’s more than just pretty décor— Timeesha takes time to dig into your business and your thoughts.  She gives honest, quality feedback.  THANK YOU! I truly appreciate the experience. Often times we never know how much we truly impact people and I want you to know that I was truly impacted by your class, your presence and your ideas. Many Blessings!!”

Abbria McWhite, Stylist, TheWeddingStylist.com




  • If you are a female entrepreneur who wants to create a luxury brand and stand out from your competition!
  • If you  are feeling stuck in your business and want to get active feedback on what to do next
  • If you’re not attracting the types of clients you want to work with and want to know where to find them and how to get them interested in your business! 
  • If you want the know how on how to finally turn your “side hustle” into a profitable business
  • You want a camaraderie of like-minded business women you can make real connections with, network and collaborate to grow your business and help you on your journey to building an irresistible brand





  • A full day of business pampering in an intimate private setting with stunning event décor
  • The Branding Guide for Business Bombshells Workbook (VIP Edition)
  • Sparkly new business ideas that you can implement immediately for your business
  • An accountability partner to help you stay on target for your goals
  • Entry into The Bombshell Experience Alumni Program
  • Entry into our Private Facebook Group
  • Entry into the Book of the Month Club
  • Catered Breakfast and Gourmet lunch by celebrity chefs, Lovable Foods
  • A drool-worthy goody bag filled with tons of things to make you feel like the Bombshell you are!
  • Bombshell Soiree Cocktail Hour after the event
  • Plus a new girl gang of boss women you can bond with and continue lifelong friendships!




Before I attended The Bombshell Experience, I was afraid of the unknown. I was hesitant about attending The Bombshell Experience because I felt that I would be out of my element with being in the gifting industry.   The personal touches in the décor of the event definitely made you feel welcomed. I liked the small group of women; I think this made it easier to share your fears and doubts and be a little more open in a small environment. Everything was well prepared in advance and time just flew by so fast!  And I loved the old school dance off! 

I am glad that I met Timeesha; everything was handled with style and class, I loved it!! The information I received was truly eye-opening and really took my breath away—this really helped me realize that I need to pivot and take Danielle’s Basketry into a new direction.  If you are stuck, have roadblocks and need a sounding board, The Bombshell Experience is the place for you.  It will definitely help you gain clarity about your business.

It is an eye opener when others look into what you are doing and can offer constructive criticism and offer you some sound advice about how to make your business thrive.  I gained a lot from this one day! If you want an A-HA moment, the truth, and an outside opinion that is in your best interest, then you need to attend The Bombshell Experience.”

Shannon Martin, Shop Owner


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The Bombshell Experience, created by Branding Strategist and Business Coach, Timeesha Duncan, was originally created for Wedding and Event Professionals to provide a safe intimate environment to connect with like-minded individuals who are looking to create an irresistible wedding businesses. As time evolved, Timeesha realized the need for all types of creative female entrepreneurs to learn how to create bombshell brands.  We are pleased to announce this event is now available to include creative women-entrepreneurs  all of industries to network, connect, and empower each other.

Timeesha Duncan is an Award Winning Event Planner, Business Coach and Branding Strategist dedicated to teaching creative female entrepreneurs how to create a luxury brand both on and offline through mentoring, business coaching and visual branding.  Timeesha is founder of The Bombshell Business Academy, an online training program for female entrepreneurs, teaching them how to attract their dream clients, market and sell their businesses in today’s competitive market and owner of Tim Duncan Events, a luxury event planning boutique in Atlanta, GA.  

Learn more about Timeesha at www.timeeshaduncan.com